Heirloom Rose Hydrating Mist

🍃🌹Heirloom Rose Hydrating Mist.  Freshly bottled

These are limited in quantity and very labor intensive.  Made fresh plant to bottle within hours of picking.  


Good for all skin types especially dull and dry.  Perfect for after sun and sea beach or boating outdoors skin.

Excellent for rehydrating the skin

WHY WE LOVE IT:  Fisher Soap Companies Hydrating Heirloom Rose Facial Mist is made directly from freshly picked rose petals and infused immediately to extract the roses moisture-enhancing, toning and softening skin properties.  High in anti oxidants and has anti-inflammatory properties that can reduce redness of irritated skin, help with acne and other skin issues.  


To use: spritz lightly all over face and allow to settle.


Ingredients: heirloom rose petals, distilled water, glycerin, preservative.


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