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Beach Perfume Oil


Beach Perfume Oil is a Made To Order Perfume Oil Rollerball


Clear glass roll on bottle, fractionated coconut oil, jojoba oil, fragrance oil &/or essential oils.


Beach Perfume is a seductive blend of warm suntan lotion and Sea Salted air.   

Our natural, rollerball is packaged in a portable clear glass bottle with a roll-on applicator and cap.  Each bottle holds 10 ml of perfume oil.  

Rollerball perfume is ideal for travel, gym bags, pockets, purse or cosmetic bags.

We manufacture each perfume in small micro batches with fractionated coconut oil, golden jojoba oil and the highest quality phthalate free fragrance oils and/or essential oils & resins. Alcohol and chemical free, made individually by hand.

Golden jojoba oil is an ideal moisturizing oil containing vitamins A,D and E.

Fractionated coconut oil is a very light, easily absorbed oil that is non-greasy. 

10 ml roller ball.