Christmas Soap -Seasonal Olfactory Delight - Fisher Soap Company, LLC
Christmas Soap -  Christmas 2023 - Fisher Soap Company, LLC
Christmas Soap -  Christmas 2023 - Fisher Soap Company, LLC

Christmas Soap - Christmas 2023


Christmas Soap 2023

Fisher Soap Company is proud to introduce the new fragrances for our Holiday 2023 Soap Line.

This season, bring the holiday spirit to your home with our Christmas Soap. Carefully crafted with special seasonal scents, this soap is the perfect way to spread holiday cheer in your own home. Treat yourself and your guests with this special collection Christmas soap.

Fir Balsam-Scented with citrus top notes, light spice, and earthy undercurrents, our Fir Balsam fragrance captures the essence of Christmas with its woody, fir balsam core. 

Cranberry Pomegranate - vanilla and raspberry with juicy notes of cranberry, oranges, cinnamon, leafy greens and holiday cheer. An aromatic blend of classic holiday scents, the Cranberry Pomegranate aroma is sure to bring joy to your home this holiday season.

Vanilla Bean Noel-Warm blend of rich vanilla , caramel and cream.  Scrumptious. But please don’t eat! This harmonious scent blend leaves an invigorating and captivating aroma that will last all night.

Cashmere- Cashmere, white freesia, pomegranate, magnolia and lily and just plain coziness. The perfect blend of luxurious botanicals, this set fills your home with comforting aromas for a comforting feel.

Eucalyptus- Refreshing eucalyptus  Experience a relaxing, invigorating aroma of eucalyptus that will help to uplift your mood.

Brazilian Boom- Salted caramel, pistachios, soft fruity citrus and light pineapple notes.   A unique fragrance combination that will tantalize your senses!

Sleigh Ride- A festive mix of orange, green apple with hints of peppermint and clove. It's a unique blend of comforting holiday spices, crafted to bring a cheerful scent to your home.

Champagne Toast- A blend of effervescent champagne and tart fruit, this fragrance is masterfully crafted for a sweet, light aroma with a hint of citrus.

Sugar Cookie-An indulgent Sugar Cookie, freshly baked with a dash of cinnamon and topped with festive sprinkles. An irresistible scent, but not for consumption!

Peppermint Twist- A minty holiday scent with hints of vanilla. This festive scent is the perfect blend of invigorating peppermint and warm vanilla, creating a delightful aroma.

A limited edition seasonal delight

Ingredients : Coconut oil, water, water, sodium hydroxide,  fragrance, mica. Lot 11/23