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Lilac Brine Soap


Brine Soap- 100% Natural, Handmade, Environmentally Friendly 

Brine soap has a salt water brine solution added to it. The salt, Mediterranean Ibiza Sea salt can help many skin conditions.  Some of these include acne, dermatitis, bacterial or fungal skin infections, and body odor issues. Because salt can kill bacteria naturally, the salt bars may be used as a deodorizing bar. Brine soap is gently cleansing and can help detoxify the skin.  It does not exfoliate like our traditional salt bars and contains less salt.  We add a generous heaping of creamy rich vegan friendly coconut milk for added skin nurturing benefits.

The Lilac Soap is made with a phthalate free lilac fragrance, creamy coconut milk and coconut oil, water, sodium hydroxide and sea salt.  Simplicity in a gorgeously scented bar.