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Lotion Bar, Large


Deep moisturizing on the go.  

Large pocket sized solid loton bars are perfect for purses, makeup bags, gym bags and travel.  Enjoy on the go moisturizing with our large lotion bars.  

Available in Spell Of Love (orange blend) and Vanilla Bean


Kokum Butter from the Garcinia Indica fruit, with a complex of oleic, stearic and palmotic acid content.  High in fatty acids to nurture damaged and smooth inflamed skin.

Babassu Oil, a soothing, protective and emollient oil, which has the ability to penetrate the skin quickly and leave skin feeling soft and not greasy.  High in lauric acid, babassu is also a well known anti inflammatory oil capable of soothing bite, scrapes, and topical irritations.

Coconut Oil, Rice Bran Oil, American Golden Beeswax. Vitamin E, Fragrance.

Our lotion bars are formulated to keep your skin soft and protected. This product is completely anhydrous, no water or liquids.