Get Clean With Sea Salt #getsaltyclean

Summers hot and hazy days are upon us.  At the end of these types of days I shower with one of our signature salt or brine bars.  I love both types of salt bars equally.  If its a bit of shaving I need to do I tend to grab the brine bar as it contains less salt and produces a creamier lather.

Snow of the Sea, Kelp & Spirulina and the Fisherman's Brine Bars

Brine Soap aka Soleseife (from German) "seaman's brinewater soap" contains a completely dissolved salt and water solution while Salt Bars contain salt that is not dissolved in the lye water solution.  The end result are two bars with exceptional cleansing properties.

The brine bars produce a creamier and thicker lather and the salt bar produces a nice lather with more of a microexfoliating and harder bar.

Sea salt is added for its deodorizing, exfoliating, remineralizing and moisturizing properties.  A salt bar is an extremely hard long lasting bar.  Great for all skin types and especially beneficial for troubled skin.  

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Our latest introduction is the Watermelon Salt Bar.  Juicy, pink and smells like summer.

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