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Fisher Soap Company IS Lisa Jaeck-Fisher.

Lisa applies decades of research & development as a ‘Flavor Chemist’ to her formulations. 

Fisher Soap Company’s Lab is cozied at the base of Platte Clove in New York’s Catskill Forest Preserve – an environmentally protected habitat host to wetlands, ponds, lakes, rivers, waterfalls, plants, and wildlife … a literal sweet spot.

Professional Experience + Pristine Location + Artisanal Process = the perfect ingredients for proprietary recipes yielding the best possible soaps.  Bar None.

Flavor Chemistry involves more than pleasing the palate, though many customers report that they’ve actually licked our soap bars.  More than once.  (though not edible per se).

The alchemy of transmuting Water + Lye + Oils delivers Olfactory Pleasure beyond compare.

The senses of taste and smell (olfactory) are separate yet intimately entwined, each with their own receptor organs.  Taste buds have sensory cells called papillae that, when stimulated, send signals to the brain.  Specialized cells in the nose discern odorants, each with their own pattern of activity that stimulate receptor proteins, and initiate a neural response.  Lisa hand blends her small batch soaps to converge at the happy intersection of these messages; influencers of how we perceive the world and embed experiences. 

 Fisher Soap Company offers seasonal treats, ethereal elixirs crafted to evoke sensory memories associated with certain times of year.  Following nature’s cycles also serves to ensure the freshest of ingredients. 

Lisa is honored and delighted to offer sensitive customers a line of safe and unique unscented soaps.  

Fisher Soap Company’s premier soaps are old salts.  Our concentrated Sea Salt and milder Brine lines are lovingly made with Mediterranean Ibiza, and Pink Himalayan sea salts.  Our salt bars are balanced to get you seriously clean, and gentle on sensitive skin types and delicate areas.  True to name, Fisher Soap Company is welcoming the Catskill Mountains’ renowned fly-fishing folk with the launch of Fisherman’s Soap, irresistibly synergized with anise.

Fisher Soap Company creates Pure Soaps for Mindful


We recommend use of our soaps soon after purchase, just as you do with the nourishment in your pantry.  We’re mindful that your skin is an organ, and hope that you select the integrity of our brand for your self-care.

* ingredients listed on each bar, and our packaging.