Brine Salt Soap

What is Brine Soap or German Soleseife Soap? 

Brine soap is made with a salt & water at roughly a 20% solution.  The brine solution exerts the same skin cleansing and healing properties as our salt bars but in a milder concentration. We use Norwegian Havsnø and Mediterranean Ibizza sea salt.  They are hand harvested and come from the pristine Norwegian and Mediterranean Sea's.

The skin conditions that may benefit from a brine soap include acne, dermatitis, bacterial or fungal skin infections and body odor issues.  Used as a deodorizing bar, our brine soap is a gentle cleanser and can help detoxify the skin.  It does not exfoliate.  

Fisherman's Brine Bar- activated charcoal and anise essential oil are combined in a perfect brine soap for the fishermen and fisherwomen in your life.  Washing hands before, during and after fishing acts as an attractant to fish and as an odor remover.  While we cannot substantiate the effectiveness of the attractant part, we do like to listen to old time fisherman tales and traditions.  Give it a try.  Let us know.



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