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Hot Towel Soap, Limited Edition


Hot Towel Soap.  Old Fashioned Feeling.  New World Shave.

Hot Towel has a unisex leaning towards masculine scent with a clean sharp finish. It has hints of orange, lemon, bergamot, cool mint, lavender, green accord, sandalwood, cedarwood, amber, and musk. It smells just like walking into a barbershop.  Very clean. Very fresh.  We liken it to fresh hot fluffy towels in an aromatic spa or a man's clean, freshly shaven smooth face.

Made with bentonite clay to add slip to the razor for a close clean shave and avoid razor burn. 

To use, run a wet shave brush over the top to start the lathering, continue until you reach a satisfactory lather.  Proceed to shave. 

A Best Seller.

Our soaps are made in small batches in our Saugerties, NY studio.  Please use soon after purchase.

Avoid contact with eyes.

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